BlackBeard Data has created a set of oil and gas related symbols for use in QGIS. These SVG formatted files can be added to any existing Quantum installation from version 1.4 and onward using the instructions below. Unfortunately, due to limitations in QGIS, the color of these symbols is fixed in black and white and cannot be changed on a map. This is expected to change in a future version of the software.





Installing Oil and Gas Symbols




1.  Download the symbols (zip file) by clicking on the link :

2.  Unzip the file and store the symbols in your preferred location.

3.  Launch QGIS.

4.  From the Settings menu, select Options. 

5.  In the Options window, click the Rendering tab.

6.  At the bottom of the Rendering tab is a section called SVG paths. Click the Add button.

7.  Navigate to the folder where you stored the symbols. Select the folder then click Select Folder. The folder path to the symbols will appear in the Rendering tab.

8.  Click OK to close the Options window.

9.  The oil and gas symbols are now available to use in QGIS. They can be accessed through the Style tab of a layer’s Properties.

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