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GIS Training book done!

We’ve finished the learning GIS via QGIS  book and it is in the process of publishing.  We’ll let you see the pre-design cover and tell you that it will be available on AMAZON soon!

The authors are Nik Freeman and McCartney Taylor. (Note: the important author goes last)


The book is a workbook that evolved from our training courses over 3 years. It will be aimed at the beginner, walk them through important concepts, then give them data and start using QGIS to make a map.  The formula was very successful in training hundreds of Oil and Gas people in how to use basic GIS. And it saved thousands of dollars by showing them how they can use the free QGIS instead of ESRI.

Expected release date June 30, 2014.


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2 Responses to “GIS Training book done!”

  1. Abby Howard Murphy says:

    Let us know when book is available and we will purchase.

  2. Joseph Platt says:

    I am having a lot of difficulty in getting the link as published on page 49 (the Project data files) to work. I have typed it into my computer many times ….no success!

    Without the correct files I feel The book is of little use to me.

    Can anybody help?

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