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GIS 101 - a 6 hour course

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This course is designed for someone who knows some basics of computers, but little else about GIS except that you know it is about map making.

This Video-On-Demand self paced course teaches  the basics of GIS. By the end of the course, you will be a fully functional GIS user.  Also, you will be issued a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION of GIS 101.

Our course is set up in very light, easy to understand, 6-15 minute modules.  On average, about 8 minutes.  You choose the pace you want to go at, if you need to watch a module 2 or 3 times, you can. If you want to skip a module, you can.

What you will learn in GIS 101:

  • Principles of map projection  (Hint – the earth isn’t flat nor round)
  • Where to acquire FREE GIS data
  • How to fix your free GIS data (Hint – most of it comes from the government and they bungle it sometimes.)
  • Where to acquire commercial GIS data
  • Understand the difference between Vector and Raster data
  • How to load in GIS data and aerial imagery
  • How to create thematic maps
  • How to search and analyze geospatial data
  • How to find data hidden in the attribute table
  • How to add labels and unique symbols for each type of item
  • How to create a new data layer from scratch
  • How to export a finished map as a shapefile, PDF, or jpeg.
  • Most importantly – Understand the principles of GIS to apply them to any GIS program

All GIS programs are very similar, we like to say GIS is GIS is GIS.  If you learn on Quantum GIS, the transition to Manifold or ESRI ArcView or is easy. If you know you will want to learn GIS using ESRI’s Arcview, sign up on the ESRI’s GIS 101 workshop.

Normally our workshops are $300, however, this Video On Demand class is now set at $159.

You will receive access to the course and a PDF workbook to use for reference in the future.

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