We receive many questions from potential attendees. I thought I should take the time to answer one of the most asked questions.


“Will taking your class get me a job?”


Short Answer: Maybe.


Long Answer: Our classes are an extremely beneficial learning tool for beginners. Upon completion of our Basic Mapping & GIS 101 class an attendee will have the knowledge and GIS software necessary for creating digital maps. The goal of our courses is to take someone unfamiliar with GIS and make them a functional GIS user.

Becoming a functional GIS user can certainly be a benefit for the job seeker, depending on the type of position sought out. It is an additional skill set that can give you a leg up against competition that may not have experience with using GIS software.

However, please keep in mind The Institute for Mapping Technology is not a university that gives degrees in GIS nor do we offer job placement. We are a continuing education provider. Our classes are single day workshops that are meant to be used as a tool to transition the layman into a functional GIS user. It is up to you to determine whether our classes would be beneficial for you and your job search.

If you are interested in learning the basics about GIS mapping and do not want to invest $1000+ in finding out whether GIS is the new career path for you our classes are a great cost efficient way to get started. If you are seeking a career in the GIS field please visit our Getting and Online Degree in GIS page.

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