Learning a bit of GIS will pay large dividends in a business or in a career.

To have the power to use geospatial data to solve problems, identify opportunities, and optimize work-flows can be phenomenally important in a business.GIS class taking a workshop

If you are like most of our clients, you don’t have time to go back to school. Few have the 2 years luxury for a new GIS degree, or even 2 months of classes. So we’ve made single day online GIS classes that cover the basics of GIS, like our GIS 101 class and our GIS 201 class.


Self Pacing Course in 1 day


This works out great, as most GIS users in industry who aren’t GIS cartographers only use 5% of the power of GIS.  Do you get what that means? If you spent 2 years getting a degree, you’d be wasting 95% of your time.

These are self paced video courses that walk you through the power of GIS in simple easy steps. No advanced computer skills are needed. If you know how to find a file on a computer that is the level of skill needed to learn from this online course.


The Best 5%

So we pack the critical 5% into our one day class to get the average laymen up to speed on GIS. This empowers surveyors, engineers, marketers, geologists, insurance brokers, advertisers, and basically anyone who has geographically based problems to use GIS to improve their business.


Free GIS program


As a great big bonus, we show you how to use a FREE open source program called Quantum GIS, so you can avoid spending $1,500+ on a GIS program. This is a professional GIS package that is perfect for most GIS applications.


So come take a day to learn GIS.  Learn how it will improve your business, and add skills to your resume.


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