This is the GIS class to start on!

This GIS class is a one day course  (Yes! 1 day, not 9 months!) that is focused on non-technical laymen and teaches them the basics GIS.  After completing this workshop, you will understand the workings of maps, both paper and digital. Basic Mapping & GIS 101 will give you the tools necessary to work with and produce maps at your work space.


We also offer  online GIS classes if you are unable to attend.

Most importantly, by day’s end, you will be able to build maps and test your new skills. This is a HANDS ON workshop, we know you learn more when you participate, so we work you through the workshop, not lecture at you.


Both LIVE and ONLINE GIS classes offered. See our schedule for live workshops


This class is designed for those without any knowledge of GIS.
Prerequisite: Knowing how to organize, find, move, and open files on your computer.


Course Description:
This one-day workshop covers the basics of mapping and GIS.  The
workshop progresses through the use and functionality of free, open
source GIS tools and programs, explains GIS concepts, and culminates
with a map you created.


Attendees will learn the concepts of data sets, map layers, area
measurement, scale, and symbology. These concepts, along with the
learned knowledge of GIS mapping basics, projections, and layers
allows the attendee to utilize GIS tools and make maps in the
workplace with confidence.


I. Introduction to mapping and why we use it.
– Mapping Basics
– Geographic Information System (GIS)
– Map Projections


2. GIS Software and Quantum GIS
GIS Software
– Base Maps
– Quantum GIS – 1st Session
(Starting a project, adding/editing layers, symbology, the attribute table, performing a clip)


3. Quantum GIS
– Quantum GIS – 2nd Session
(Georeferencing, creating personal layers, measuring tools, queries)


4. Finish Project and Wrap Up Class
– Purpose – size, scale, color, etc.
– Printing – Quantum print composer
– Discussion


Materials Available to Attendees:
– Open Source GIS program – Quantum GIS
– GIS public domain cultural data
– Links to proprietary and free GIS data sites
– Workbook

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