An Online Degree in GIS

Honesty is important to us.  We are a continuing education provider, but not a university that can offer an online degree in GIS. The Institute of Mapping Technology classes are designed to take someone who is not familiar with GIS and make them a functional GIS user in a matter of a couple of days. (See our Basic GIS 101 class) If you really like what you’ve learned from us, and want to take your online education to the next level, we can point you in the right direction. We want to see you succeed.


To get an online degree in GIS, the next step for you is to attend an accredited online university program. There are many to choose from, the key is to make sure the online degree you choose is accredited.


We’ve placed on this page several ad links to different online universities that offer GIS a degree in GIS. Click on a few to see what they have to offer.


Further, the Institute endorses the following institutions:


1. Penn State – They were one of the first colleges to offer online degrees for GIS. They have many  years of experience to draw upon to provide good learning experience.
2. USC – The Univ. of Southern California also has a well regarded online degree.
3. UNIGIS – A network of Universities around the world that offer a GIS degree for those outside the USA


Let us mention that there are several niches inside of GIS such as

Remote Sensing,  Spatial Analysis, GIS programing, and others. It is up to you to decide if any of these are for you. That means you need to get on Google and research each different niche inside of GIS that interests you.But in General here is a simplified run down of each:


Remote Sensing – Covers predominantly detection and sensing technology, interpretation of data, analysis of satellite photos.

Spatial Analysis and Data Modeling – Down the GIS rabbit hole into the use of geo-spatial databases, their optimization, migration, and extracting answers from complex data sets.

GIS Programming – The world of GIS is changing, new programs and plugins are being made for existing softwares. This focus is on writing programs to do new things with old data and existing code.

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