Here a few quick tips I wanted to share in QGIS. Under Vector>Analysis Tools there is the basic statistics tool. What it does is fairly simple, but it often gets overlooked.  This will give you data such as mean, median, mode, standard deviation and range. Be careful when choosing the correct column. I noticed that I can choose st_name and it will still try and return results.

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Another is creating labels in Qgis. There are actually two ways to do this. Each way allows you to d different things.  You can download plugins to give more functionality. First and the one I use the most is under layer>labeling


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This is the layer menu that gives me the most functionality. And it maybe different for others. It gives a sample of the labels being created and provides a lot of advanced features. I tend to use this when I am mass labeling something or I need them to look really good for something such as a presentation.

The other way to create labels is to right click on the layer>Properties> and the labels tab.

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This I can use for something quick or just a few labels. But even under the advanced tab you lose some of the functions. Such as being able to suppress labeling certain features.

Next under Vector>Geometry Tools> Export/Add Geometry columns. This is simple. It will give you area and perimeter and the options are to either save the results to a new shapefile or add to the current one.

Lastly is editing from the attribute table. This isn’t really editing, but you can delete features. Again this is another simple one, but often overlooked.  In the attribute table at the bottom you have the editing pencil. Once editing is turned on you can now change information in the attribute table and by hitting the red x you can just delete features that way.

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