OK, Folks. We are nearing completion of converting our tried-and-true GIS 101 workshop into an online video driven self paced course. We will have it up and running in June 2012. The idea is to break the 6 hours of course work into about 70 short 5-10 minute modules.  There are two of us knocking out videos and tutorial modules. We want this to go very smoothly, so we are retaining highly acclaimed Litmos as our LMS host (think webhost for online courses) so we don’t reinvent the wheel. That leaves us free to just convert the course and the Litmos framework will take care of logging in learners, administering courses, and issuing digital certifications. GIS Training online


Now if there are any folks out there who are really eager to take the course, we are offering the online GIS 101 training($150) at a heavy discount of $50 for only until July 10, 2012. The trade off here, is you need to give us a paragraph of feedback (hey we’re effectively paying you $100)  of what you liked, didn’t like, or didn’t make sense to you.  We maintain our heavy feedback oriented course philosophy, it worked to improve our in class workshop and we want to do it again for our online GIS classes. 

Just call our office at 800 762 3057 and ask for Tami. She will take registration and payment info and we will email you when the course is ready.

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